7 Iconic Types of Custom Two-Piece Boxes for Retailers

In the retail industry, packaging is more than just a necessity; it is a powerful tool to grab the customers’ attention and boost sales. Custom printed two piece boxes, unique packaging solutions for retailers, are progressively becoming popular in each corporate sector. This article aims to highlight the top 7 iconic types of these boxes, along with their key features and uses.

1. The Classic Lift-Off Lid Boxes

Designed with straight lines and a lift-off lid, these simple and stylish boxes can meet the needs and demands of brands and their products. The top lid, completely covering the base, makes these two-piece boxes an ideal retail packaging solution both for general storage and product presentation. Box size is adjustable according to perfectly fit the product and cutting down on extra material.

Typically made from rigid cardboard or chipboard, these boxes vary in thickness. With rigid material, they usually range from 36pt to 48pt in thickness, and with cardstock, they come in 14pt to 24pt.  Brands can apply colors that match their unique identity and appeal to their audience. Many apparel and cosmetic brands usually opt for soft colors whereas electronics businesses prefer bright shades for their gadget boxes.

Thus, two-piece lift-off lid boxes are customizable and versatile in use. The classic lift-off lid boxes are famous in many industries for their superior security, premium looks, and easy assemblage. At its core, these boxes can be tailored to boost the value branded items.

2- Shoulder Neck Two-Piece Boxes

The standard choice for retail packaging solutions, these boxes are known for their unique “shoulder” feature, where the lid meets the base. The shoulder part isn’t just about creating the looks, it is vital to ensure the product’s security. The shoulder glued to the base boosts the box’s strength and design appeal.

By preventing the lid from slipping off, these boxes safely ship and showcase the branded items. Made from rigid chipboard or cardboard, these boxes can also include many inserts for the product’s better fitting and safety. Brands can tailor these boxes with foiled logos, sleeves, and printed designs to stand out in the market.

The double wall thickness of these boxes makes them ideal packaging solutions for retail products, especially fragile ones. Expensive perfumes, fancy watches, and other collectibles ideally fit in these boxes. For retail brands, presenting items in these boxes is a promising way to make a lasting impact on their audience.

3- The Magnetic Closure Two-Piece Boxes

Known for chic looks and advanced safety mechanisms, these boxes are a modern choice for many retail brands. The clear snap sound is the proof that box is tightly closed. The magnetic top of these boxes ensures their longevity. Made with durable chipboard, these boxes feature 1200 to 2000 GSM material thickness.

Their easy opening and closing makes them customers’ top choices. Usually, they are used to pack and showcase makeup products in a luxury way. Fancy writing paper and other stationery items also come in these unique boxes.

Besides their functionality, these boxes are highly preferred for their creativity. Brands can imprint them with unique designs, logos, and textures. Their inner side can also be lined with soft and fancy materials, like satin or velvet.

4- Hinged Lid Two-Piece Boxes

These smart packaging solutions for retailers are not only good in looks but also work well. Their book-like opening and closing mechanism adds fun to the overall customer unboxing. Nowadays, hinged boxes are gaining huge fame, especially for fancy products. Made from thick paperboard, these boxes ensure the product’s safety along with their appealing display. The lid, linked to the base with a hinge, easily opens the box.

Moreover, the inner side of the hinged lid two-piece boxes is equally adorned as the outside. Usually, a velvet or satin layer is applied to boost the appeal of these boxes. Plus, brands choose them to carefully handle jewelry or watches with their unique holders. These customizable boxes are flexible enough to fit the needs of any product or brand. One can print them with debossed patterns, add shiny details, or coat them in different ways. The strong composition and good looks of these boxes make them a top pick for showcasing branded products.

5- Sliding Two-Piece Boxes

Often referred to as match-box style packages, sliding two-piece boxes are practical packaging solutions for retailers. Made from thick paperboard or cardboard, these boxes represent a strong outer cover and an inner tray that pulls out like a drawer to show the product. Paperboard used in these boxes is 14pt to 24pt thick, whereas, cardboard is 36pt to 48pt thick.

This makes the box sturdy and saves the items during transit and display. Brands choose them to satisfy their audience with quality products. Besides their functionality, these boxes are renowned for their appealing aesthetics. The inner sliding tray is smooth, sturdy, and attractive. Most often these boxes are used in the cosmetics, fashion, and tech industries. All in all, sliding two-piece boxes are helping countless brands stand out from their rivals.

6- Telescoping Two-Piece Boxes

Known for their strength and flexibility, these unique custom-printed two-piece boxes are smartly used in different industries. With an inner box that fits perfectly the outer cover, these simply designed two-piece boxes are one of the top attractions for buyers. They are customizable to add depth and better protection to the product packed inside. Made from thick paperboard or corrugated cardboard, these sturdy boxes can safely ship the products over large distances.

Usually, the thickness of paperboard ranges between 14pt to 24pt, and cardboard is 36pt to 48pt thick. These handy boxes are a perfect fit for items that need extra space for cushioning. Electronics, clothes, jewelry, and even chocolates are often packaged and showcased in these boxes. From tech companies to many beauty and cosmetics businesses, these boxes are the top choice of countless luxury brands.

7- Two-Piece Display Window Boxes

Designed with a clear window, these smart boxes are a top choice for retailers. Brands can shape the window part of the box the way they want and let the customers see what they are buying. Brands often go with these boxes to showcase their unique handmade items, advanced tech gadgets, and fancy chocolates. Though these boxes are delicate in looks, they are thick enough to ensure the product’s safety while shipping.

Made from 290 to 300 GSM paperboard or cardboard, these boxes are the best packaging solutions for retailers. Besides their engaging looks, two-piece window display boxes are practical enough to display a variety of products, such as baked treats, toys, makeup items, tech gadgets, and many more. Moreover, brands prefer them for piling up several products altogether, mainly at the trade shows or in bookstores. With their strong build, customizable size, and clear window, these boxes are dominating the retail shelves.

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