Best Time to Trek the Manaslu Circuit Trek

After the Annapurna circuit, the Manaslu Circuit Trek is thought to be Nepal’s second-best hiking path. During your trip, you may expect to find breathtaking mountain routes and picturesque paths that have mostly avoided urbanization. This off-the-beaten-path walk offers views of eight of the world’s highest summits, including the 8163-meter-tall Mt. Manaslu. One of the longest passes, the Larkya La Pass, rises to 5,106 meters (16,752 feet) near the summit of the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Manaslu Trek in Spring Season

Manaslu Trek in March

The entire region embraces spring as March, the first month of this season, approaches. Since winter has just finished, there are new flower buds to be seen on the lower region’s forest pathways. The trails will remain calm and peaceful for the duration of this month, letting you appreciate the pristine beauty. You could freely take amazing pictures of the natural world. This month is great if you’re hoping for tranquility and beauty. The frozen lakes begin to melt during this time of year, filling the streams with water. Many of the peasants who hiked down to the city throughout the winter will also be returning. The quiet weather and good temps make it quite easy to see what’s around you.

The quiet weather and good temps make it quite easy to see what’s around you. March promises beautiful, sunny skies and crystal-clear days. As you go higher in height, the chilly temperature keeps rising. Even though the winter season has just ended, the temperature will be chilly this month. However, the lower parts are warmer than the upper ones.

Manaslu Trek in April

Trekkers claim that April is one of the best months to Trek to Manaslu. Furthermore, it is, immediately following March, the busiest month for trekking in Nepal. In a similar vein, many professionals and climbers travel to Manaslu with their clientele throughout this month. In the blossoms of the woodland, rhododendrons of different colors can be seen in a similar manner. The weather in April is perfect for anyone who wants to go trekking. Despite this, the trail is congested because of the busy season. The majority of tea shops are fully booked. It is recommended that you book reservations in advance for the tea houses if you intend to hike Manaslu in April.

Manaslu Trek in May

May is an indication of the end of spring. You may still make out some springtime blossoms on the mountainside. In late May, as the month moves from spring to summer, pre-monsoon rain is possible. You can benefit from the spring and the monsoon in May. From mid-May to early June, the paths are just as crowded, so there’s less solitude. But by the end of the month, the crowd starts to dwindle away. These trails are used by both hikers and climbers, as May is also the month of the expedition. The weather can change quickly in May when hiking Manaslu.

This month is ideal for trekking if you prefer to do so in light rain. The approaching monsoon has made the air a little bit humid. You need to bring rain gear if you’re traveling in the later part of May. But it’s also the warmest month of the spring. The temperature varies from 4 to 25 degrees Celsius in May. During the day, the temperature may reach 25 degrees, while at night, it may drop to 4 degrees. For those who are up for an adventure, the weather is reliable and pleasant.

The springtime season offers a moderate challenge. The weather can be severe outside of early March and late May, but other than that, everything is good. It’s suitable for hikers without technical experience because you won’t need snow gear.

Manaslu Trek in Monsoon Season

Manaslu Trek in June

In Nepal, the monsoon season starts in June and lasts until August. That being said, the last week of June is when the monsoon actually starts. Conditions are good for Manaslu till the end of June. There’s a probability of rain and the temperature is beginning to increase. Walking is made ideal by the lowering temperature that occurs during the day. If you plan to walk up Manaslu in June, you should pack boots with high ankles. In addition, carry mosquito repellant to protect yourself in a humid, low-altitude climate.

Manaslu Trek in July

Manaslu Circuit Trek In July, the monsoon season starts. The varied vegetation and magnificent forests appear to add much enjoyment to this month. Waterfalls, brooks, streams, and cascades are mostly made alive by rainfall. They become very dramatic with the different waterfalls, rich vegetation, and games of hide-and-seek between the mountain and clouds. The situation is dire because there are numerous methods to see landslides and road obstructions. Similar to the last example, unanticipated clouds and rain force a rescheduling or cancellation of the flight. If you intend to travel up to Manaslu in July, you need to outfit yourself accordingly. You also need to be aware of the difficulties and roadblocks you face.

Only the rain-shadowed Himalayan regions—such as Upper Mustang, the Annapurna Circuit, and Upper Dolpo—are appropriate for hiking during this time of year.

Manaslu Trek in August

August marks the beginning of Nepal’s primary monsoon season, which brings with it more rain than July. In addition to making the route more difficult, the rain promotes healthy plant growth. Strong rains have the potential to trigger a landslide, which in certain cases might become increasingly severe.

Manaslu Trek in Autumn Season

Manaslu Trek in September

September falls between the best part of autumn and the off-season of the monsoon season. Depending on the month you choose, you will experience different things the entire month of September. The monsoon is progressively leaving the region. There could be a few short, light rainstorms in early September. You may be able to enjoy moderate temperatures and clear, sunny days by mid-September. The walkways start to dry out as the weather becomes more stable. You may enjoy your walks in an environment that is pleasant and offers clear views of the surroundings.

Manaslu Trek in October

October is the most thrilling and enjoyable month of the fall season. People celebrate Dashain and Tihar, the two biggest holidays, during this time of year. It’s unquestionably the best time of year to trek Manaslu. During this busy autumn month, the Manaslu region offers an uncommon and unadulterated beauty. The highways and motels will be overflowing with trekkers exploring these areas. The weather this month is fantastic by all accounts. The temperatures this month, which vary from 12 to 18 degrees, are ideal for hiking. In a same vein, the brilliant and cool day enhances the clear picture of the outstanding perspective. The temperature steadily rises and falls, never getting excessively hot or cold. Likewise, for those who appreciate the natural world, witnessing mountains, forests, rivers, streams, cascades, etc.

Manaslu Trek in November

November is definitely the finest month to trek Manaslu. It’s the driest month of the year, making it an ideal month for trekking due to its low temperatures. The dry path will be easy for the hikers to navigate. You may also observe a number of breathtaking mountain ranges and landscapes thanks to the clear sky. Trekking in Nepal is best done in November if you want to avoid the drab but still beautiful season. The first to third week of November at Manaslu is when the yearly Manaslu trail race is held.

Manaslu Trek in Winter Season

Manaslu Trek in December

December is when the temperature starts to plummet. You might appreciate the ride in the lower regions, when the average temperature is 8 degrees Celsius. As you rise, the temperature may decrease by as much as 8 degrees Celsius. Night and early morning are the coolest periods. A sleeping bag that can endure temperatures as low as -15 degrees Celsius should be included. The vast majority of tea cafes in the area don’t have heating available inside. Don’t forget to pack warm clothes. But the days are clear and bright. The mountains provide pristine skies and breathtaking dawns and sunsets.

Some of their nicest views are of the hillsides and mountain peaks. The middle of December is far too chilly. The people of Samdo and other higher Manaslu Circuit trek settlements load up. Consequently, most teahouses, lodges, and restaurants in the area close for the year. You are welcome to bring camping equipment. It will be observed that some locals stay behind to take care of the home and animals.

Manalsu Trek in January

Typically, January is the coldest month. It might get as low as 5 degrees Fahrenheit, or 15 degrees Celsius, at this point, which is too low. It is difficult to forecast the heat because this part of the country periodically experiences winter storms during this month of the year. January is one of the least popular months to hike in Manaslu due to the cold, clear weather in the area. It’s cold outside, yet the sky is cheerful and light throughout the day. The snow-covered mountains with their frozen lakes, streams, cascades, and waterfalls are a sight to behold in January. January is the worst month because it’s likely to snow and slippery on the high pass.
Still, it’s normal to encounter a few hikers in Manaslu around the first to third week of January. It’s possible that the campgrounds at Dharmasala, Bhimtang, and the high pass will be closed. In that instance, there are numerous additional options. Every company has a different winter preparation strategy. Most companies erected rustic campgrounds around Bhimtang and Dharmasala.

Manalsu Trek in February

For the past few years, February has always been a month of snowfall. The most striking, nevertheless, can occasionally be extremely perilous in the event of heavy snowfall. Bitterly chilly temperatures greet February as it warms up to become a new spring. February is halfway done when winter starts to fade. The melting of the snow is accompanied by an increase in warmth. Rhododendron and other flowers also begin to blossom in the woodlands. In the middle of February, a hiker starts to explore the Himalayas. However, renowned paths like the Annapurna Circuit Trek and Manaslu were blocked due to the heavy snowfall that fell in the spring of 2019. Please confirm that you will communicate with us before making plans.


For walking the Manaslu circuit, spring and autumn are the finest times of year. The fall window is best enjoyed between mid-October and mid-December. The middle of March to the first week of June is the ideal time of year for spring. If you’re willing to make a few adaptations, you can also complete Manaslu’s journey in the winter. The best sky are from December to mid-January, just because it’s colder. The trailhead was formerly hard to get to during the monsoon, but a newly constructed road connecting Kathmandu and Arughat might help in the future to make the Manaslu Circuit Trek easier to access.

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