10 Tips to Write an Effective Nursing School Essay

According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 91,938 qualified applicants were turned away from baccalaureate nursing programs in the 2021-2022 school year. Again, as per the, the nursing shortage is expected to intensify through 2023. Hence, if you are aspiring to be a nurse, crafting a winning nursing school essay is a must.

When it comes to getting into nursing school, an excellent admission essay is at the centre of the decision. The essay demonstrates to your dream school who you are as an individual, offering a more well-rounded perspective of your career goals and your passion for the field of study. It allows the admission board to see that you are serious about entering the program and will be a valuable asset to the school as well.

Fortunately, you do not need to be a professional writer to write an appealing essay for your nursing school. You can seek nursing essay writing help from any eminent academic website like However, the following strategies should help you craft an effective school essay that is sure to secure you a cherished spot in the LPN program of your choice.

  1. Highlight Good Qualities

One of the outstanding strategies to craft an excellent nursing school essay is to be sure to outline your good personal qualities. Remember, certain character traits make for great LPN students.

Certain personal qualities that nursing schools look for in their students are dedication and competence, ability to manage time, hard work and emotional stability, ability to manage stress, willingness to work as a team member, brilliant people and communication skills, etc. If you strive to demonstrate your good qualities in your essay, you can always say ‘write my essay’ to an eminent academic website like AllEssayWriter.

  1. Share What Motivated You

When writing your nursing admission essay, make sure to share what motivated you to become a nurse. Try to figure out – “Did you get your motivation from the death of someone close to you? Or, did your favorite cousin inspired you?” When writing what motivated you, you can also include certain personal qualities in your story.

  1. Share Your Dreams

Securing admission into your dream nursing school and earning your degrees is crucial in making your dreams of becoming a successful nurse come true. Hence, your essay must incorporate the long-term objectives you have for your nursing career. If your objective is to help children, or if you want to advance your degree to become a speciality nurse, be sure to express this. Also, ensure to be as specific as you can with your objectives.

  1. Convey that You Care About People

As a nurse, you will be responsible for caring for people around the clock politely while taking care of their healthcare needs efficiently. It takes a certain kind of selfless person to become a nurse, and you want to demonstrate you are just that.

Thus, be sure to offer examples of situations when you went above and beyond to care for a stranger or loved one.

  1. Make it Personal

Incorporating personal examples offers authenticity to your essay. It also provides a candid look at your personality, offering the admissions committee a chance to confirm that you’re a strong match for the program. Be mindful of using clichés and overused phrases. Also, try to come up with honest, fresh and vulnerable content that the readers may not have seen before.

  1. Keep it Simple

Your essay should be genuine and authentic, but be sure to keep the brief in mind while you’re writing. It should never be longer than two pages in length.

Make sure to incorporate certain personal anecdotes. But try to stick to the relevant aspects of your story and do not elaborate too much on areas that are relevant to your application.

  1. Conduct In-Depth Research

One amazing way to make your nursing school essay stand out is to conduct thorough research on your program and incorporate it into your piece. When you incorporate your research in the paper, be sure to include it organically into the writing. Also, use your research as a way to connect your personal experiences to the program instead of simply listing the information.

  1. Stick to the Brief

If your target school has provided you with a specific prompt for your essay, ensure to refer back to the prompt. This will help you stay on the track.

For instance, if your prompt is asking you a question, ensure to answer the question at the starting, the end, and throughout the paper. Your essay should also never be too vague or veer way far off from the course.

  1. Avoid Reiterating Your CV

Remember, your school application paper is an essay, not a resume. Your application already contains all your accomplishments on your CV, transcripts, and other application materials.

So, your essay needs to be about understanding your passion and inspirations. You can use examples from your resume to further assert your interest in the program, but only if you can elaborate on how they have particularly aided you on your journey to nursing school.

  1. Have Someone Edit the Paper

Editing your nursing school essay before turning it in is crucial to making sure you submit the best paper possible. Ask a friend or a parent to review your paper. When you do this, you tend to pick up on mistakes and point out areas of confusion. Also, be sure to receive their feedback openly.

Well, that’s all for today, peeps! With these tried-and-tested strategies up your sleeves, you’re now more prepared to create a winning paper and secure admission into your dream school. You’ve got this!

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