Actors and  Games – Why is There a Link Them?

Hollywood often intersects with  games, from themed games to the fact that loads of actors actually put  gaming high on their list of hobbies.

What takes actors towards  games? You’ll see below that there are loads of examples, but what is the link, and why do certain actors find that this is the way they want to spend their downtime in between shooting Hollywood mega-hits?

What Actors Might Like About  Games

Actors may been drawn to  games as a way to switch off from their professional lives. However, many  games have a lot of skill still involved, and this is something some actors want to test themselves with. Can they implement a strategy that works? Sure, actors want to switch off, but they may also want to do so in a way that tests them.

Randomness in  gaming provides a refreshing contrast to the controlled environments on set, perhaps some actors see it as a space where they can immerse themselves in the moment, free from the pressures of cameras and directors.

Ultimately, it is about entertainment and switching off. People who can spend 16 hours a day on set might need a space where they can go and play a game that takes their mind off it.

Actors Who Prove the Theory

Is there really a link? Plenty of evidence points to the fact that yes, many celebs and particular actors are big  fans.

Hollywood elites love to mix and chat, and s are inherently social spaces, even if they are online. s also provide some level of ability and strategy, so by playing a blackjack game online that involves skill, they can even test their abilities while playing a  game.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is a prime example. As well as being a super successful director and actor, Affleck is also an avid gambler. Affleck’s  gambling has involved practice, and he has participated in numerous high-stakes poker games – some of the movies he is involved in even have a specific theme around s and gambling.

Matt Damon

Affleck’s close friend and frequent collaborator, Matt Damon, is another with enthusiasm for  games. Damon’s interest in s may have been behind his choice to be in the movie “Rounders,” where he played a skilled poker player.

Damon has been seen in  games and events, often alongside his mate Ben Affleck. He’s also spoken about the hobby publicly before.

George Clooney

Batman could have a connection here, what with Ben Affleck and George Clooney both enjoying the games! He’s another Hollywood heavyweight, who has also displayed the fact he enjoys  games. You can imagine him having a good poker face, right?

Clooney has been spotted playing blackjack and other  games, but it is not known if he just plays in person or online. Ocean’s 11 fans will see the aptness of Clooney himself liking  games.

Jennifer Tilly

Tilly stands out as an actress who has seamlessly blended her Hollywood career with a successful run in the world of  games.

Known for her distinctive characters, Tilly has also made a name for herself in  circles. She even went pro! Her transition from acting to poker was driven by a genuine passion for the game.

Tobey Maguire

First Batman, now Spider-Man. Tobey Maguire, famous for his role as Spider-Man, is another actor who has played  games publicly. Maguire is something of a comeback king in the movies, his profile waned a bit before he came back to prominence, and he’s now rumored to be involved in even more Spider-Man projects.

Brad Pitt

Another Ocean’s 11 member, Brad Pitt, is often seen as one of the coolest actors in Hollywood, also enjoys the occasional flutter at the . His interest in gambling is often associated with his laid-back personality and social persona (he’s also got an impressive net worth and a career full of success).

Pitt has been spotted playing loads of different  games and he’s had  themes in a lot of movies he’s been involved in. Danny Ocean and his old pal are also reuniting in a new show, acting together for the first time since 2008.


Celebrities are just like the rest of us, and often the attraction of gambling is a way to unwind and enjoy the entertainment of these games.

Publicly, we know a lot of  players who have been spotted in s or talked about their hobby in one of the millions of interviews they have to do. Gambling has moved online more, though, and it is likely there are other fans and celeb players we don’t know about as they take part in online games and tournaments.

Acting takes it out of you and means a need for hobbies and things to do during downtime, these actors find a balance between the stage floor and the  floor.

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