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Cool Ideas To Elevate Your Kitchen Window Design

We live in a world where less is more and more is less. Similar is the case with windows! Homeowners often get confused as to which kitchen window design to go for, how many kitchen window panels should be installed, and many more similar questions. It is an established fact that without windows, a kitchen is incomplete. Windows are to a kitchen what lungs are to a human body; that is how important a window design or the window becomes when designing a kitchen. Having realised this, one often needs guidance between the immense designs available on the internet, and it becomes very difficult for them to decide which kitchen window design would exactly fit their vision.

This blog has picked the best window ideas that might suit your vision. Choose the one that resonates most with your ideas, and enjoy designing your kitchen.

Elevating Kitchen With Aluminium Windows and Doors

Minimising Frame Maximizing Glass

Aluminium Windows are known for their clean and simple look, which makes them the perfect contenders for your kitchen. A modern insect proof mesh can be integrated seamlessly into aluminum window frames without affecting the aesthetic appeal of your home. A kitchen with fewer walls and more glass makes room for light and brightness, which automatically uplifts the cook’s mood. This is especially true if you have an attached kitchen garden. The expansive glass allows you to keep track of the plants and vegetables you have grown in that garden from just standing in the kitchen.

Aluminium kitchen window designs minimise the frame and maximise the glass area. This is possible because of aluminium’s structural integrity. Essentially, adding sliding windows to your kitchen with minimal frames and maximum glass area can connect you to an attached kitchen garden or provide ample ventilation, essential for any kitchen space.

Integration of Kitchen Door and Windows

You can also combine kitchen door and window systems. This will give you a kitchen and the Illusion of merging it with the outside environment! For instance, the best door for a kitchen that you can add is a lift-and-slide aluminium door. You can combine these doors with casement windows with large glass expanses. Instead of having your kitchen walled from four sides, you can have just two or even one wall with all the other walls substituted by lift-and-slide aluminium doors and then maybe the casement window placed above your basin. This will give your kitchen a look that is so classic that you will want to enjoy your time in it.

Differentiate Your Kitchen With Eternia Kitchen Window Designs

Eternia is an arm of Hindalco, Aditya Birla Group, that specialises in aluminium doors and windows. It has revolutionised the Indian fenestration industry by offering consumers the world’s first Duranium alloy, specially created by Hindalco engineers for the Eternia brand. It also has a WiWA score that helps the homeowners and the architects gauge a door or window’ performance based on three parameters- wind, water, and air. This means you can choose a kitchen window design that suits your location, locality, home design, and everything in between. The WiWa score will tell you a window’s air permeability, water and wind resistance.

So, if you have a villa in Delhi NCR or Gurgaon, you can have windows and doors with a perfect WiWA score on air permeability. If you are located in the country’s coastal regions, you can look for windows and doors with an ideal score on wind and water resistance. This will help you choose a kitchen window design that protects your kitchen and home from all the weather.

Apart from these features, their windows and doors come in three ranges. You can choose from their Eternia Luxury lift-and-slide doors or slide-and-fold doors. You can also go for Eternia Premium tilt-and-turn windows. The casement doors and windows, along with the sliding doors and windows, come in two ranges, namely Eternia Essential and Eternia Premium. You can choose either one of them based on your preferences. All of Eterna’s products have a 12-year warranty on the Duranium frame and a 2-year warranty on the moving hardware, so you need not worry about the quality!


Choosing the best quality windows solves 80% of the task. Eternia windows will help you create the perfect kitchen window design that will elevate not only your kitchen but the overall look of your home.

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