How Google’s Core Updates Impact You: A Must-Have Guide

Search engine giant, Google, updates their rules and algorithms for SEO, often. In fact, experts agree that Google amends their algorithms more than 500 times a year! While many of these enhancements are tiny and inconsequential to you, some of the more significant updates can have a big impact on your SEO. Let’s find out more about Google’s core updates and how they affect your SEO and your business.

What is a Google Core Update?
Amongst the hundreds of updates Google makes to their guidelines and algorithms, some of them have a more powerful impact. These updates are called core updates, and they can have an immediate effect on websites. Many site owners will notice a drop in traffic or ranking when there is a core update. Some of these changes will be temporary, but some amendments can have a long-term effect on SEO. After core updates, many site owners have to rethink their SEO strategy, adjust keywords, rewrite content and so on, to reestablish their online visibility. They might also have to do an audit of backlinks and buy new backlinks from different websites that rank higher since the update. Need help buying backlinks?

What are Some Examples of Google Core Updates?

March 2024 | Spam
Google decided to tackle unhelpful and irrelevant content popping up in search results with some big changes: an improved spam policy, as well as algorithmic enhancements to ranking systems to eliminate inauthentic information.

April 2015 | Mobile
This core update had a big impact, as it was related to mobile user-friendliness. If your website didn’t have an optimized mobile version, your ranking was likely to plummet.

February 2011 | Content Quality
This core update was to the algorithm Panda, and it had a focus on maintaining high-quality content. For site owners, the danger of this core update was if they had plagiarized, spammy, or inauthentic content.

What are the Implications of a Google Core Update?
A core update from Google can have a noticeable ripple effect. Its consequences depend on the type of update and what aspect of the algorithm or system it’s targeting. For example, a core update on ranking criteria might cause your ranking to fall interestingly, some websites might see a rise in their ranking, especially if their SEO aligns positively with the new criteria. A core update on search algorithms could see a drop in your traffic or click-through rates, because important keywords have shifted in ranking. There also could be core updates on content quality and user experience if you’re not meeting these new standards, it’s likely you’ll see a decline in traffic.

Rethink Your SEO After Core Updates
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