How Instagram Shaping Contemporary Social Media Culture

The evolution of social media is underway, and there is a seismic shift. From photo-sharing and staying connected with your friends and families to shaping how we interact, consume content, and perceive ourselves and others- social media has changed the dynamics of our lives. With over 2 billion monthly active users, Instagram has grasped a significant sector of our daily routine. A typical Instagram user is estimated to spend at least 2 hours per day scrolling and consuming content on Instagram. Let’s understand how Instagram is influencing and shaping contemporary social media culture.

The Visual Revolution: Storytelling Through Images

At the core of its benefits, Instagram is focused on the necessity of a strong visual component. By incorporating small bits and varied formats, Instagram has been able to grab the short attention spans of users. The platform’s intuitive interface and seamless scrolling experience have made it incredibly easy for users to consume and share visually striking content.

This shift towards the visual has created a new generation of ‘Influencers’ who are more familiar with the art of storytelling within the context of Instagram and how to perfect it through images. Currently, fashion bloggers, travelers, and other aesthetically oriented content have attracted many fans and narrated their audiences’ colorful and inspirational stories through pictures and videos.

The Influencer Economy: Redefining Influence and Monetization

It is evident that Instagram’s ascendancy also catalyzed the influencer economy’s emergence in the modern landscape. Celebrities and other influential people with large followings and well-recognizable personal brands are famous among brands and businesses interested in leveraging these individuals. This mutually beneficial partnership has impacted marketing, especially for companies and brands seeking to reach out to their audiences organically and genuinely.


The influencer economy has also provided new ways of making money. The creators can use their audience and imagination to earn money by collaborating with brands and companies and creating their products. This democratization of influence has allowed people to monetize their passions and turn hobbies into legitimate businesses, erasing the gap between content creation and business ventures.

The access to Creativity and Career Opportunities

Instagram has opened a new frontier of creativity by providing a platform where people can freely express themselves through content curation. It has given a platform to artists, photographers, and content creators from different fields and genres to use the platform to flex their talents. Influencers can now profit from their efforts while sharing sponsored content such as advertisements and promotions. This has enabled people to take their hobbies and make them lifelong careers, effectively merging content creation with business.

Instagram has also helped grow personal branding and entrepreneurship. It has helped many avoid the rat race, work on their passions, and be their own bosses. Further, most influencers have gone into business and established other brands and products, benefiting from the targeted instagram followers. Thus, Instagram has democratized the path to attaining success for creators and influencers.

The Pursuit for Perfection

Nevertheless, through Instagram, people have expressed their creativity and promoted themselves while creating a culture of curation and longing for the perfect life. Due to the pressure that has been placed on users to only post their best images, the majority of content posted on social media sites is thoroughly planned, and the posts are crafted to portray a picture-perfect life.

This pursuit of perfection has led to discussions regarding the actuality of social media, as well as the possible adverse effects of social media on Mental Health and self-esteem. The constant comparison to curated lives can create a sense of failure and make people, especially Gen-Z, have a skewed perception of reality.

However, a counter-hegemonic process has now emerged, with people and entities calling for less censorship and more genuine content on the platform. The ‘Sham vs. real’ posts, which suggest a comparison between the array of perfectly staged and rather raw scenarios that happen in one’s life, have somewhat blurred the fine line between fake and real.

The Voice of Unheard

Despite the criticisms about curated perfection, Instagram has also provided people with a strong feeling of belonging to a community. The global environment provides people with similar interests, hobbies, or achievements who can be connected to others and inspire, encourage, or learn from one another. Whether it be a hobby-based community, rallying campaigns, or a cause, Instagram has fostered grassroots activism.  Examples of prominent campaigns are the #MeToo campaign and #BlackLivesMatter, which have helped spread the word, give voice, and bring together a global community of supporters and activists.

Moreover, People have widely engaged with Instagram to bridge the cultural gap and break barriers. Through the stories and the scenarios portrayed, the platform has fostered an understanding of people’s suffering and sources of joy in different parts of the world, fostering empathy and appreciation of global connectedness.

Future of Instagram

Indeed, Instagram is dynamic and adaptable to new trends and innovations in the social media platform. The need for more random and less polished content, which such features as Instagram Stories and Reels can represent, contradicts the idea of perfect-looking feeds.

AR and VR are also expected to steadily reshape the Instagram experience with immersive trends for more engaging content and authentic interactions with brands and content creators. That is why AR filters on Instagram and further opportunities to use VR experiences are promising for creativity, advertising, and entertainment. The smooth integration of shopping experiences on Instagram with the help of influencer marketing raises the prospect of the complete overturn of the classic retail sector.


As Instagram continues to shape and redefine the perception and behaviors of the community, we cannot ignore the caveat regarding its negative impacts. The realm of Instagram is beyond photo-sharing apps; be careful putting your information out there. The platform has core values of visual storytelling, community-building, and creative expression but ensures you are safe from fraudulent activity, identity theft, and security breaches. Nonetheless, it is impossible to underestimate the role of Instagram in the modern trend of the development of social networks.

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