How to Apply for a Hong Kong Business Registration Certificate and Fees

In Hong Kong, the Business Registration Certificate (商業登記證申請) is a crucial document that every business must have. Whether you are operating as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or company, business registration is mandatory. Below are the detailed application steps, required fees, and some real-world examples to help you smoothly apply for a Hong Kong Business Registration Certificate. For professional assistance, visit Genacct for more information.

Steps to Apply for a Hong Kong Business Registration Certificate

Applying for a Hong Kong Business Registration Certificate involves several key steps. First, prepare all the necessary documents. These documents include identification documents (such as Hong Kong ID card or passport), company registration certificate (for companies), proof of business address (such as lease agreement or utility bill), and the application form IRBR1, which is provided by the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department.

Next, fill out the application form. When filling out the form, you need to provide basic information (such as company name, business address, nature of business), responsible person information (including the name, ID number, and contact details of the responsible person), and business details (specifying the nature of the business and main business activities).

After completing the form, there are three submission methods to choose from: online submission, in-person submission, and mail submission. Online submission can be done through the Inland Revenue Department’s electronic services platform, in-person submission requires you to visit the tax office, and mail submission involves sending the completed application form and relevant documents to the Inland Revenue Department.

Once the application is submitted, you need to pay the relevant fees. The basic fee is required annually, and the amount depends on the nature of the business. Additionally, if the application or payment is not submitted on time, penalties may be incurred. Payment methods include credit card, cheque, and bank transfer.

Finally, after completing all the steps, the Business Registration Certificate will be processed within 1-2 working days. The certificate can be collected either by mail or in person.

Business Registration Certificate Fees 

The fees for the Business Registration Certificate (商業登記證費用) mainly include the basic registration fee and additional fees. The basic registration fee varies depending on the type of business: the fee for a sole proprietorship or partnership is approximately HKD 250 per year, while the fee for a company is approximately HKD 450 per year. If the application or payment is not submitted on time, additional penalties may apply. Changing registration information may also incur extra fees. The payment methods are flexible, including credit cards, cheques, and bank transfers. Some banks also offer automatic payment services to help businesses pay on time.

Real-World Case Studies

Mr. Lee opened a small retail store in Hong Kong. To operate legally, he needed to apply for a Business Registration Certificate. Mr. Lee prepared his identification documents, lease agreement, and completed the IRBR1 form, and submitted the application through the Inland Revenue Department’s electronic services platform. After paying the basic registration fee of HKD 250, he received the Business Registration Certificate within two days.

Ms. Zhang and her team started a tech startup. After registering the company, they needed to apply for business registration. They prepared the company registration certificate, company address proof, and application form, and chose to submit the application in person at the tax office. After paying the registration fee of HKD 450, they received the Business Registration Certificate within three days.

Common Questions

If your application is rejected, first check if all submitted documents and information are complete and accurate. Make necessary corrections and resubmit the application. To change registration information, you can fill out and submit the modification application form to update the company name, address, and responsible person details. The Business Registration Certificate needs to be renewed annually, so make sure to apply for renewal and pay the fees before the expiry date.


Applying for a Hong Kong Business Registration Certificate is a mandatory step for every business to ensure legal operation. By understanding the detailed application steps and fee information, you can smoothly complete the necessary procedures. If you encounter any issues, visit Genacct (商業登記/ ) for professional assistance to ensure your business runs smoothly.

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