How to Exalt Your Brand’s Destiny with Custom Packaging?

The rules of the game are simple: excellent product but poor packaging, bad results; poor product but great packaging, high initial sales but no customer retention; high-quality product with flawless packaging; success is around the corner.

Just like the famous cliché “content is king” is often right, but not always, the packaging of the box is often a key sales driver. This is not wrong when it comes to serums, and custom serum boxes are helping brands boost sales and retain customers.

An important consideration when getting high-quality boxes for your serum products is your supplier’s worth. No one beats Custom Serum Boxes by Packaging Mania for imparting a wow factor to packaging.

This post explains how you can design awesome custom serum packaging to stand out on the shelves and go viral in social media feeds. Let’s get down to business and help you get boxes that will not only attract buyers but force your competitors to revamp their packaging to meet your standards.

5 Tips to Get Your Brand’s Mojo with Custom Serum Boxes

Packaging is useless if it doesn’t click with buyers. Good packaging must have the power to spellbind shoppers, inspiring them to check out your product and buy it even if the need is not too high. The discussion is filtered to one question: how to design such packaging. Let’s answer it.

1.      Target Market Evaluation

Knowing where you are doing business and what your potential customers like can make a lot of difference. The target market analysis consists of age, gender, race, income, education, lifestyle, and cultural variations. This information is not only necessary for making impactful packaging but also for other business processes. Just imagine a box designed whimsically without inputting real data. It will not make any difference, especially in the realm of cosmetics. Serum buyers are usually looking for a solution to a problem, so the packaging must be highly relevant.

2.      Captivating Design

If the overall design of the box succeeds in connecting with the buyer, the chances of your serum being bought increase manifold. How? If a box appears closer to buyers’ problems and shows that the product inside can address their concerns, they’ll definitely have a look at it.

You can add artwork, colors, shades, stickers from and graphics to make the box appealing. A good idea is to go with minimalistic design that also shows your brand’s commitment to green business practices. Such designs use less ink but still hold a high appeal.

3.      Knowledge is Power; Use it

Serum shoppers are usually conscious buyers who only purchase items that satisfy them. Hence, brands have to ensure that they provide maximum information and educate buyers on the spot. The best way to do this is to use as much space as possible on the box to display useful information such as ingredients, usage instructions, and possible side effects, if any.

Many brands nowadays use QR and AR codes to enhance the shopping experience. A QR code is particularly helpful in this domain. Buyers can scan it and read relevant information. Brands, on the other hand, can use QR codes to take people to their social media handles, YouTube channel, or website.

This is how technology is empowering brands to use packaging to provide more value to buyers. No brand, in a right mind, wants to be left behind in this revolution. The only constant is change; the packaging is changing, and you must be in the front row to benefit from it. Otherwise, you know the example of Nokia; they resisted the change and are nowhere in today’s smartphone industry.

4.      Build a Brand Image

A good-quality box also helps build a positive brand image. How? When consumers use your product daily and feel the packaging is worth it, it delivers a message that your brand doesn’t only care about sales or profit but also strives to provide an overall better experience. Moreover, these small things help you generate positive word-of-mouth and increase referrals. Good references are a time-tested and powerful way to build a loyal customer base.

5.      Get Boxes from the Right Supplier in the Right Number made of the Right Material

Let’s look at some technical aspects of ordering packages.

First, look for a supplier that has a good reputation in the market. You can do this by checking the reviews and ratings of the seller. Or, you can also ask your friends in the business community for some referrals.

The second thing to consider is the number of boxes you order at one time. Going for custom serum boxes wholesale or bulk orders is cost-effective but not a good approach for small brands or if you are testing a product.

The third one is selecting the right material. Serum boxes usually come in glass bottles with a dispenser at the top, so the boxes must be sturdy enough to protect the contents inside. Moreover, you can also go for inserts for extended safety. When finalizing packaging, ask for eco-friendly and green boxes, as this is the industry standard now.

A Wrap-up on the Power of Bespoke Serum Boxes

The above techniques, if used properly, are powerful enough to deliver a mighty punch to knock out your competitors. What else do you want a box to do? Let us recap the discussion for you. Custom serum boxes can build a brand image for you, create a loyal customer base, market your product, and bring home numerous positive reviews.

So, it is high time that you invest in top-notch serum boxes. Don’t worry about a slight increase in the packaging price; these boxes are worth every cent. Adopt a pragmatic approach; evaluate return on investment (ROI) before making any move. Custom Packaging is a game changer in the cosmetic industry. Investing in these boxes can help your brand do wonders.

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