Is the Cross Browser Testing Tools Free and Open Source?

While browsing the web in a fast-moving world, web development concerns such as functionality on various web browsers are of the utmost importance. This is where cross browser testing tools will help the developers test the site on different browsers. Yet, one of the issues arising is whether such tools are available for free or if they are open source. Let us explore this field to know the environment in which the cross browser testing tools inhabit.

What are Cross Browser testing tools?

Cross browser testing tools are software or online platforms that are used by developers to run tests of the website’s or web applications’ compatibility with various web browsers. Simulation is one of the features of sophisticated developer tools and helps designers easily detect and fix issues with browser compatibility.

Types of Cross Browser Testing Tools

  • Testsigma:

TestSigma is one of the leading cloud-based, cross-browser testing tools which enable automation across different browsers and devices. It simplifies test creation with natural language processing, supports continuous integration, and provides real-time results for agile workflows.

  • BrowserStack:

A widely used cloud-based as well as cross browser testing tool that comes in both free and paid plans. The free plan is limited in functionality but can be valuable for simple simulation purposes.

  • Sauce Labs:

Another cloud-based testing platform that has a choice of free trial plans and paid plans for more demanding testing needs. It provides a full-fledged set of browsers and devices for testing at the same time.

  • CrossBrowserTesting:

It is a single solution with automated and manual testing features. It also maintains both pay plans and offers a limited free trial for users to test the application before making a purchase.

  • LambdaTest:

A cloud-based testing platform that provides a free trial for limited features plus full-fat paid plans for all-round performance across browsers and mobile devices.

Are Cross Browser Testing Tools Free?

While a few cross-browser testing tools provide free trials or free plans, users must still be aware that the free versions of these tools usually have some limitations. Such restrictions can be in access to certain browsers or different devices, short testing times, or less functionality than their paid alternatives.

Open-Source Cross Browser Testing Tools

As long as cross browser testing tools are open source, their source code is publicly available for anyone to view, alter, or distribute.

Examples of open-source cross browser testing tools include:

1. Selenium:

A trend in automation testing that allows program languages in multiple languages to be used. Selenium thrills on cross browser testing through browsers’ driver integration, such as ChromeDriver, GeckoDriver, etc.

2. TestProject:

A free platform that provides automated test implementation and cross browser testing among its features. It offers a free and tidy community edition, which contains the principal features.

3. Katalon Studio:

While Katalon Studio’s paid version has advanced features, the developer provides the free version to support cross browser testing on a basic level.


In summary, the cross browser testing tools ensure the website’s compatibility and functionality across various web browsers. This is the key reason for their existence. However, the platforms with free versions or trial periods coexist with open source, which permits the chance to personalize and modify the software. Whatever the tool you settle for, either a free one with limitations or the power of open-source tools, the goal is the same, which is that your browsing experiences are smooth in different browsers and devices.

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