My daughter and I had a wonderful experience with one of the Turks and Caicos luxury villas courtesy of White Villas

Today I will share with you a place that has become fashionable and attracted celebrities from all over the world, the Turks and Caicos Islands, in the Caribbean. The place has been visited by fashionistas like the Kardashian sisters. They have been spotted enjoying the luxury destination several times.

I was there about 10 days ago and I can say that the place is heavenly, with beautiful beaches and year-round sunshine. Grace Bay Beach, on the island of Providenciales, is considered one of the most beautiful in the world! 

This place is perfect for families and my daughter loved our vacation! I recommend it for couples with children or on their honeymoon. In fact, Grace Bay Beach is an excellent place for snorkeling, where we can see various fish and turtles.

The restaurants on the island are also excellent, many of which are located within large resorts. The only not-so-positive issue is that many of them do not have attractive prices. A good tip is that most resorts have fully equipped kitchens, so anyone who wants to can go to the supermarket and cook at home.

We stayed in one of the Turks and Caicos luxury villas and it was an unforgettable experience. Our villa was courtesy of White Villas, one of the largest villa providers in the islands and I can recommend it to you, to all. 

Your Turks and Caicos vacation experience is to some extent influenced by where you stay. In our case, the White Villas villa we booked gave us “all the essence of Turks and Caicos”, making us want to go there again in the near future.

What I got for renting a White Villas villa

I was really impressed at that time. As soon as my family and I arrived at the villa, there was a very friendly welcoming team, treating us like honored guests. They seemed to have taken the preparation seriously and it really worked. The first day there my daughter was immediately surprised by the culinary delights of Turks and Caicos cooked and served by our personal chef. And for most of my time on the first day, I spent working out in the cozy indoor gym ended with a warm shower followed by sipping a cup of local coffee.

The second day was even more exciting with an exploration of the Providenciales beachfront. My daughter and I took a few minutes walk to the shores of Long Bay Beach and breathed in the Caribbean coastal air while reflecting on what we had been through together as mother and daughter. And it was all topped off by going to a local cafe to listen to an Indigenous Turks and Caicos music group perform and enjoy some local snacks.

Day three started with booking a great car to take us to the center of Providenciales. After years of spending time in the middle of a noisy big city, it felt so good to walk around the local Caribbean community and shop for some souvenirs.

And the fourth day was probably the most adrenaline-pumping. I rented a private boat complete with diving equipment for me and my daughter. We went exploring the islands around Providenciales and disembarked at some very off-the-beaten-path beaches. We saw turtles laying eggs, seagulls flying over, and some small crabs running around on the beach…

Overall, I can recommend White Villas as the best villa provider. With it, you can sail through all your vacation moments in Turks and Caicos with boundless joy. My daughter loved her vacation and I would like to give her another chance at a nice White Villas villa.

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