OKVIP Brand: The Largest Multinational Entertainment Alliance 2024

The Okvip brand has made a big mark with its online entertainment game website system and charity trips. Let’s learn about this game alliance now!

With a diverse portfolio of quality online game brands, OKVIP brand has attracted the attention of millions of players every day. OKVIP’s mission is to provide great entertainment experiences. The alliance continuously invests in developing and improving product quality and social activities.

About OKVIP brand

In the world of online entertainment in Asia, the OKVIP brand is often mentioned with its scale and prestige. However, do you really understand their origin and history? Here is a brief overview of the alliance:


Introduction OKVIP is the leading address for top quality online games in Asia. They are pioneers in the transition from offline to online business models, opening up opportunities to reach millions of players.

The Alliance has a mission to bring online entertainment to everyone in Asia and the world, through cooperation with many developers to create diverse and quality products.


The OKVIP brand started its journey in 2003 under the name TAIPEI101. Their birth has caused great attention and received special attention from the press.

From the beginning, TAIPEI101 has defined a clear goal: to continuously improve to meet the needs of customers. Thanks to this philosophy, they have built a smooth and successful organization for over 20 years.

Initially, they only provided basic entertainment products, but over time, OKVIP has learned and expanded cooperation with game developers around the world, creating a diverse and rich entertainment world.

Achievements of the OKVIP brand

The results of the development of the OKVIP brand are:

  • Expanding operations to more than 20 branches globally, from Dubai, Cambodia, Philippines, Singapore to Vietnam.
  • Each year, the number of participating players increases sharply and by 2023, more than 5 million people have become customers of the Alliance.
  • OKVIP has received many compliments from customers, contributing to building their reputation in the international market.
  • Cooperating with many OKVIP partners helps the alliance grow stronger day by day.

OKVIP Brand Name Meaning

This is the meaning of the brand name OKVIP:

“T” – from “Online”, which symbolizes the platform’s online presence.

“K” – from “King”, which represents leadership, prestige and class.

V – from “Vinh” (Vin dication), which symbolizes success and victory.

This naming is with the hope of becoming a leading provider in the field of online entertainment. They bring customers the ultimate winning, interactive and entertaining experiences.

The way the OKVIP brand operates in relation to the product

The way the OKVIP brand works reflects a professional and effective customer care process and online entertainment service provision. Here are some of the main ways OKVIP maintains and develops its brand:

Product and service development

Various products offered

OKVIP constantly improves and expands its product portfolio, providing diverse and attractive online games. They not only focus on developing new games but also care about quality and user experience.

Customer interaction and support

OKVIP puts customer satisfaction first by providing professional and friendly customer support. They create convenient communication channels such as online chat, phone or email to resolve all customer inquiries and requests.

Building a player community

Creating a healthy gaming community

OKVIP creates a strong player community through forums, websites and social networks. They encourage interaction between community members, sharing experiences and knowledge about the game, thereby creating a positive and vibrant gaming environment.

Ensuring safety and fairness

OKVIP is committed to ensuring safety and fairness for all players by applying advanced security measures and fairness in game management and operation. This is not only a commitment but also an important part of the organization’s culture and core values ​​of the alliance.

OKVIP brand social activities

Although focusing mainly on entertainment-related businesses, in recent years, the OKVIP brand has expanded its scope of activities to many other areas, including:

  • Football team sponsorship: OKVIP invests in supporting youth football teams, helping them develop their full potential and finding new talents in the football world.
  • Charity and social volunteer activities: The Alliance regularly organizes activities such as supporting education for children in disadvantaged areas, giving gifts to families under preferential treatment, lonely elderly people and homeless people. 

OKVIP is one of the leading entertainment destinations in Asia, where all the necessary elements for a classy alliance are perfectly combined. If you have the opportunity, experience the top products that the OKVIP brand brings. Their commitment to quality, dedication, prestige and thoughtfulness will surely make you forget the way home.

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