Steps to Becoming a Certified Disney Travel Agent

Joy, happiness, delight. Only three words out of the hundreds that can describe what it is to be a travel agent who specializes in Disney trips. If this adventure has been calling your name, it must be time to take a closer look. Not only will your life change, but you’ll be helping to make life changing journeys for everyone around you.

Be aware though, you may not be able to start offering Disney packages until you go through a few steps. For example, most areas require that you obtain a travel agent license before you’re able to help the people you know with travel. After you do this, there are things like using a Disney travel agent CRM that can help you establish a strong and solid business.

Let’s take a look at these easy four steps that you can take to Disney success.

1) Partner Up with a Travel Agency for Premium Access to Tickets and Deals

After you’ve received your travel agent license, you really should consider partnering up. There are agencies you can join that have special Disney deals and packages you can’t get anywhere else. Being able to offer these unique and price worthy deals is usually how you bring in your first time clientele. 

2) Reach Out to Your Network and Use Tools like a Disney Travel Agent CRM

Now that you have the “Disney Goods”, you’ll want to get organized and start reaching out to all the people you know. This can be a daunting task, especially if you have other things in life going on. Using a Disney travel agent CRM, you can brainstorm a list of everyone you know, and put that list directly into your customer relations management (CRM) tool. 

3) Get to Know All the Specialized Details of Everything Disney

If you’re trying to rock Disney, you HAVE to know Disney. Because these enthusiasts will either know Disney as a whole, or will be very familiar about a particular part of it, such as Mickey Mouse history or what rides are in what parks. Trying to have an uneducated conversation will leave people feeling uneasy and less likely to buy.

4) Regularly Connect with Your Network so They Know Trip Deals

You cannot become an afterthought. People are busy, and you can’t expect them to always keep your Disney travel connections in thought. If there is going to be a big Disney celebration, shoot everyone a personal text. Might take you a little extra time, but that personal touch will keep people coming back. You can use your Disney travel agent CRM to help you organize who you’ve emailed or texted, as well as any personal notes like park favorites.

In Conclusion

Now you can see how a few easy steps can easily take you to the finish line of becoming a stellar agent. Things like using a Disney travel agent CRM can give you a competitive edge and keep you organized. Just remember, the way you keep your travel agent business going is by making regular contact with the people you know!

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