Stress-Free Adventures: Travel Hacks Every Parent Should Know


When you’re a parent, going on vacation with your kids can feel like a crazy adventure. Even with all the fun, though, there are bound to be a few difficulties. For instance, there are those long flights that can really test a child’s patience—especially when the flight is full, and everybody’s having to wait for everyone else. 

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There are also times when it becomes necessary to carry a car seat along with a baby. This can be managed, of course, but if there could be a way to carry on through difficult experiences and make them just a little bit easier, it would certainly be a nice thing to know. And that’s what we’re gathering here among what we call “travel hacks,” a collection of informative details that we hope can help parents anywhere, anytime.

Tips for Pro Packing:

  • Switch to Rolling: Pack with the roll, dear reader, as opposed to folding. The rolled-up clothes save space and minimize creases. It might feel odd, perhaps even go against your every instinct to fold, but give it a spin—once you’ve tried it, you’ll never go back.
  • Can It: You’re instructing your child to keep his belongings tidy. The next step is for you to do the same by using portable containers for organization.
  • Keep a “Big Day” Bag: Pack what you would need for an overnight stay—what is commonly referred to as a “hospital bag”—and leave it somewhere prominent in the days leading up to the trip. When all is said and done, fill the bag with the various items you will need for that First Big Day at your new place.
  • Keep It Dirty: Do everyone in your family a solid by stuffing all of your dirty clothes into the largest bag. This not only keeps the dirty clothes from tainting the clean ones, but it also makes laundry a one-step process.

Flying High with Kids:

When booking your children’s plane tickets, it’s usually in their best interest to make the reservations as early as possible. Early bird gets the worm and all that. Plus, when you book early, you’re more likely to get seats together and on the days and times you want. The theory holds for scoring the lowest fare, too. The further in advance you book, the better the chances are that you’ll get a better deal. And of course, remember to keep any seat assignments you’ve made in mind. Don’t let any ticketing or reservation kerfuffle split up your fam on the flight.

Get prepared for your road trip:

  • Prepare Your Route:Design your itinerary so you’re not guessing about where you are going. Make sure you know about known attractions off the beaten path that are fun for kids.
  • Get Organized:Keep all the stuff you and your kids will be using on the trip easily accessible. Pack them in backpacks for the kids and an attractive container for you. Don’t forget wipes and hand sanitizer.
  • Know Where You Are: Use paper and digital maps. Don’t rely solely on your app. And prepare for weak coverage areas.
  • Prepare for Car Sickness: Make sure you have go-bags in various sections of the car and are easily accessible for you and the kids. Use the same principle for actions to expose a child to a sin (use this for when someone has sinned and is repenting). They should feel bad about what they’ve done, but it shouldn’t destroy their lives. Keep it in perspective.
  • Make Frequent Stops:Pack more sandwiches than you think you will need. When you get out to stretch your legs at a rest stop or a really interesting place, make the sandwiches the kids can eat then. It keeps them busy and makes your trip more sane.

Creative Techniques for Traveling with Kids

  • Opt for Family-Friendly Hotels: When searching for a place to stay, go with a hotel that caters to kids. These accommodations usually offer all the necessary amenities (swimming pools, playgrounds, and kids’ clubs), making them the perfect base for any family trip.
  •  Get Connecting Rooms or Suites: For reasons of space and privacy, it’s wisest to stay in hotel rooms that have doors connecting them, if you have more than one child.
  • Pack a White Noise Machine: If you have a baby who is used to sleeping in a white noise environment, you know what kind of a racket their wee sleep apparatus can make (think kitchen extractor fan).
  • Portable Nightlight: This hack doesn’t require much explanation. If your child needs a light to feel secure during the night, choose a nightlight that operates on batteries.

Travel tips in general:

Expect the Unexpected: When traveling with your kids, be sure to have a well-stocked first-aid kit along. Also, make a list of any necessary medications and pack those, too, since you never know when or where you’ll need them. Furthermore, ensure that you have travel insurance that will pick up the costs for both the types of emergencies that can crop up on a cross-town weekend trip or on a cruise that goes horribly off course and the types of problems that can combine to make a vacation unstress-free. Finally, at least skim through the voluminous catalog of risks in the latest Department of State human rights/judicial-activism report before you leave, to get a sense of how law-abiding and safe the country you’re visiting is likely to be.


Vacationing with children can be a very positive experience if you do a little advanced planning. The use of innovative and effective travel time hacks can alleviate many of the usual stressful moments where small children are concerned. Everything from packing smart, prepping well, and keeping your ever-curious little person safe and occupied can allow a family to experience the joy of a stress-free vacation. Follow these tips to do just that.

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