The Ultimate Guide to Pursuing a Diploma in Fashion Design

Do you possess a strong sense of fashion and want to make a career out of it?

If yes, have you found out the right course for you?

If not, here is the best course for your learning journey in fashion design, the Diploma in Fashion Design.

Being offered in many top design colleges in India, this course has got a great hype and reach among the students in the last decade due to the increasing focus on the fashion establishments and statements.

So, if you are one such person stunned by the fashion hits of the recent years and wanna press through the fashion industry for your career, read this blog on Diploma in Fashion Design now.

What is a diploma in fashion design?

A diploma in fashion design course is a 1 year course offered at leading fashion designing colleges in Bangalore.

The main objective of this course is to educate students on the fundamental aspects of fashion design. By pursuing this course, one can develop a strong foundation on the principles of fashion design.

What is the course duration and module?

Fashion diploma course is a short term course offered a duration of 1 year with two semesters in total. This course is offered as a diploma in fashion design online to facilitate students who are interested in learning from their own environment.

With two semesters in total, this course educates students in a step-by-step process from the basic level to the advanced level, along with projects.

What are the eligibility criteria and admission process to pursue a Diploma in Fashion Design?

The basic eligibility criteria for pursuing fashion design diploma at top fashion design colleges in Bangalore are as follows:

  • Candidates should have completed 10+2 in any recognized board at any recognized educational institution.

Admission to diploma in fashion design course is offered either on merit basis or entrance exam basis.

Merit based admission is offered by considering 10+2 score, whereas certain other colleges conduct entrance exams and personal interviews to identify the deserving candidates.

What is the syllabus of Diploma in Fashion Design?

The syllabus of Diploma in Fashion Design course is designed with a focus on covering all the fundamental concepts in a duration of 1 year. Here is the syllabus:

  • Introduction to Fashion Design
  • History of Fashion Design
  • Principles of Fashion Design
  • Elements and Principles of design
  • Color schemes and colors psychology
  • Introduction to fashion and garment industry
  • Introduction to world fashion
  • Introduction to design process, development of mood board, development of design collections for garments
  • Introduction to pattern making, terminology, tools and equipments
  • Introduction to sewing machines, types and their parts –functions
  • Introduction to measurement and its importance
  • Fabric preparation for garment construction, principles of layout
  • Design Development & Designing
  • Textile Fibers
  • Pattern Completion & Garment Construction
  • Fabric Sourcing, Pattern Making, Sizing & Measurement
  • Garment Structure & Pre Production
  • Creating a Clothing Brand
  • Fundamentals of CAD, Design process
  • Basic corel draw- tools, motif development and application
  • Basics of Photoshop
  • Logo designing and application
  • Project Work & Assessment
  • Fundamentals of Production management
  • Word / Advance excel
  • Planning and costing management on excel
  • Dart manipulation
  • Pattern making and construction
  • Development of design collection
  • Computer Aided Fashion Design
  • Adobe photoshop- Draping
  • Fashion Ornamentation
  • Introduction- Fashion industry
  • Different departments in garment industry
  • Merchandising
  • Plan collection
  • Production planning
  • Documentation
  • Costing studies
  • Entrepreneurship- boutique, industry, market serve

With clarity on the course, here is the guide to pursue a Diploma in Fashion Design.

Comprehensive Guide to Pursue a Diploma in Fashion Design Course in Bangalore:

Here is a step-by-step guide to pursuing a Diploma in Fashion Design course at the right design college.

Step 1: Research and Find the Best Option

Start by researching the various diploma in fashion design courses offered at different colleges.

In the process, also check for factors such as accreditation, curriculum, faculty, industry links, etc of the colleges to find out the best suitable one for you.

Step 2: Check for Admission Requirements

Further on with a idea of which college to pursue, check for the following admission requirements:

  • Educational qualification
  • Entrance exams
  • Portfolio requirement

Step 3: Analyze the cost and affordability

On meeting the admission requirements, check for the cost effective and affordability of the course.

Verify if the college offers any scholarship or concession for students to make the best out of it. Always plan your academic expenses before pursuing the course.

Step 4: Look for the Skill Development

On checking the above factors, analyze the range of skills that you can acquire on pursuing the course.

Take advantage of the program to master both technical skills (like sewing and pattern making) and soft skills (like communication and critical thinking).

Step 5: Engage in Networking

On pursuing the course, focus on networking as well as it can pave the career road towards higher positions.

Participate in fashion shows, exhibitions, and seminars. Gain practical experience and make professional connections by interning with fashion houses, designers, or related businesses.

Step 6: Indulge in Career Planning

Finally, indulge in career planning. Utilize your institute’s career services to find job opportunities and prepare for interviews. After the course completion, you can seek positions as a fashion designer, assistant designer, stylist, or visual merchandiser, among others.

You can also consider further education, such as an advanced diploma or a degree in fashion design, to expand your skills and improve your job prospects.


Coming to the end, it is obvious that pursuing a Diploma in Fashion Design involves sincere planning and dedication to observe a better career outcome. So research, analyze and decide your course of study for a prosperous career as a fashion designer.


  • What is the age limit for fashion design courses?

There is no age limit for fashion design courses. The minimum age required for Diploma in Fashion Designing would be 15 years whereas for Bachelor in Fashion Design would be 17 years.

  • What are the major subjects in fashion design courses?
  • Garments Construction
  • Fashion Illustration
  • Pattern Making
  • Fashion Ornamentation
  • Fashion Management and more.
  • What is the average salary for fashion designers?

The average salary for fashion designers ranges from INR 3 LPA to INR 25 LPA based on experience.

  • Is fashion design a good career choice?

Yes, fashion designing is a good career choice as a lot of opportunities are available in the fashion industry. The fashion retail industry has also upgraded from traditional shops to e-commerce platforms where you can even establish your brand.

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