The Veil Hunt: Your Guide to Bridal Glam

If you have landed on this post, congratulations, girl! You are soon going to be a gorgeous bride-to-be! You would definitely agree that prepping for your wedding is quite a tough task, right?

From deciding on the venue to picking on the vendors, you have to juggle multiple things! But wait a minute! Have you scored “the one” from the colossal pool of those dream wedding dresses?

Well, saying yes to a dress is just the beginning of the breathtaking look you’ll take down the aisle—there’s so much more to it!

Once you find that iconic wedding dress, it’s time to discuss the crowning glory of your ensemble: the veil! It might look like a piece of fabric, but this little detail slays your bridal game impeccably!

With this ultimate guide, let’s discuss discovering the perfect veil to capture the fairytale moment as you beautifully walk the aisle to say “I do” to the man of your dreams!

Unveiling the Veil Magic

Worn by brides for centuries, a veil is like a finishing touch to your bridal attire. So, it’s essential to pick the one that matches your wedding aesthetics flawlessly! Amidst different options, let’s hunt the one that amplifies your bridal beauty!

The Cathedral Veil

Are you obsessing over making a grand entrance at your wedding? How about trying on a cathedral veil? This veil is floor-length, typically around 108 inches or even more.

Kate Middleton, Princess Diana, and Meghan Markle—have you heard about these royal names? Well, who doesn’t have? All three of them had show-stopping wedding gowns adorned with mesmerizing cathedral veils!

The Elbow-Length Veil

A veil that is neither too long nor too short but just right! That’s the elbow-length veil for you! An elbow-length veil hits just at or slightly below the elbows, typically around 25 to 35 inches long.

This veil is a go-to option for all those easy and relaxed brides who want to put their dress in the limelight while cherishing that bridal feeling!

The Shoulder Length Veil

Are you yearning for a modern twist on traditional wedding dresses? A shoulder-length veil, typically around 20 to 35 inches in length, falls to the shoulders or just below, complementing almost all wedding dress styles!

If you want to be remembered as a “minimalist bride,” go for this timeless piece!

The Birdcage Veil

Covering just the face or extending slightly beyond a birdcage veil is typically around 9 to 18 inches long. This lightweight vintage veil is an ideal pick for those brides who have a love for retro vibes! However, don’t mistake yourself that it won’t look amazing with the latest wedding dresses!

The Fingertip Length Veil

If you have envisioned a dreamy look without going overboard, the fingertip-length veil is your ideal pick! The length of this veil is around 36 to 45 inches long, hitting right at your fingertips!

What makes this veil a top-notch choice for all those blushing brides is its manageable length, ensuring the bride enjoys each and every moment without feeling restricted.

The Chapel Length Veil

A heavenly veil that skims the floor, a chapel-length veil typically falls around 90-100 inches in length! Adding a romantic vibe to your fascinating bridal look, this veil creates a picture-perfect aesthetic by trailing behind you as you proceed toward making your love life a happily ever after affair!

Things to Consider Before Picking a Veil

  • Make sure you are aware of your dress style before going for the veil shopping!
  • Think about your hairstyle, as it will decide how the veil will sit on your head!
  • Ensure the veil’s detailing matches your dress for a beautifully coordinated look!
  • It’s ultimately your call whether to go light or heavy with the veil. You will be wearing it for long hours, so never compromise your comfort!
  • Try as many veil styles as you want! You never know which one would suit you the best!
  • Set a budget and stick to it while shopping for your veil!

Wrapping It Down

So, here you have it—a guide to choosing the perfect veil! Picking a veil might seem like a minor decision, but it can entirely transform your look. It’s not just about finding some fabric to throw on your head; it’s about finding the veil that makes you feel like the superstar bride you are.

So, take your time, try different styles, and rock the most epic day of your life just the way you like!

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