Tips for Designing Your Dream Custom Wardrobe

Having the luxury to customise your wardrobe is an exciting project to embellish your sweet home. A custom wardrobe has many benefits, primarily because you choose its design and shape it to your needs. Your custom wardrobe must fit your style and lifestyle, offering you more comfort and ease of use while bringing a touch of modernity and amusement with fancy and modern features. This article will deliver tips for designing the custom wardrobes of your dreams.

Know what you want

The best advice before starting your wardrobe process is to assess your needs and preferences. Take a piece of paper and brainstorm to get on paper your expectations in terms of storage, material and location. You can just put some words in it or start drawing what you want it to look like. Take into account the types of clothing and accessories you have to store since folded clothes, hanging garments and accessories do not require the same type of storage. Consider the visual impact you want your masterpiece to bring to your room. Surfing on the web and looking at pictures would help you be aware of the different options on the market and the different styles you can opt for. 

Consider your space 

To make your dream come true, you must go through laborious steps, like the measurement of your custom wardrobe location. Choose the placement considering architectural features that may enhance your wardrobe style but also those that may be problematic for the construction of your wardrobe. Measure the height, width, and depth to have a realistic foundation for building your dream. Measurements are not an obstacle, but knowing them will give you and your designer the basis to create a perfect design that embraces the quality of your home architecture. For instance, L-shape custom wardrobes are ideal for corners and provide ample storage; U-shaped are perfect for large spaces; Straight wardrobes would be suitable for smaller rooms.

Select a layout that optimises your space and complements the room’s design.

Versatile storage solutions 

The versatility of your storage solutions is crucial to maximise the space and incorporate different elements such as: 

  • Double hanging rods: a classic wardrobe offers single hanging rods, but an innovative one can provide double, which is an ideal solution for hanging shorter items like shirts or accessories. 
  • Adjustable shelving: Anticipate your needs and know that they can vary from time to time. By choosing adjustable shelving, you will have flexibility in varying heights and maximising space accommodation. 
  • Pull-out baskets and drawers are essential elements for storing small items like underwear, socks and accessories. 
  • Shoe racks are the perfect solution for keeping your shoes in good condition and visible, keeping your interest in them. 

Prioritise accessibility 

Accessibility is the main quality of a quality wardrobe. Smart storage and organisation will make your brain love your wardrobe even more. Place everyday clothing at eye level and less frequently used items on higher shelves or in less accessible areas. Your goal will be to not lose items in the back of your wardrobes and not miss an opportunity to wear a particular costume because you can’t find it. Emphasise the practicality of your custom wardrobe when designing it. 

Utilise professional design services 

When you want to create the perfect design and be sure about quality, functionality, and durability, the best thing to do is to go to a professional. You will find many performant companies with experts who offer quality design. Make sure you find the right one that will listen to your needs, give you solutions, visit your space and provide 3D renderings to visualise your final product before the construction begins. 

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