Tips to Have A Day Out in Chicago with Your Elderly Parents 

If you have Chicago on your ‘day-out’ list, anyone would want to explore it. With some of the legendary attractions like Magnificent Mile, Millennium Park, and Wrigley Field, the city attracts several tourists annually.

However, this thriving metropolis is not only for youngsters. There’s also space for older adults. Chicago is also called an ‘aging city’ because of a growing senior population. That means if you are planning a day with your elderly parents, you will have plenty of options to add to your list.

Taking your elderly parents out is not the same as planning a day out with your kids. Their age might cause them to have reduced energy levels and mobility issues. They might prefer specific sites to explore as well. In this article, we will share the best tips to plan a day out in Chicago with your parents.

Fix a Date in Advance

Your elderly parents have their health issues and responsibilities to take care of. From doctor visits to planning for household errands, there’s a lot on their list. Maybe one of your parents is undergoing medical treatment and needs to follow a specific lifestyle and stay indoors. 

Therefore, know how they are placed currently and fix the ‘Chicago day-out’ plan in advance. It will make sure that there are no hurdles and that you enjoy your time with them.

Rent a Sprinter 

You must ensure your parents feel comfortable as they travel. Public transportation might not always be the best option. Ideally, choose a private van and customize it to your requirements for a hassle-free day out. A Sprinter rental in Chicago is the best choice for road trips. Here, you can accommodate a large group of people as well. Therefore, along with your elderly parents, if you have a few other family members, you are covered.

Eminent Limo states that the leading service providers in this niche provide every amenity that you require for a simple trip. It comprises DVD players, climate control, and even the choice of your music. The vans are spacious enough to fit your bags and sit comfortably. The service providers offer affordable rates and a vast fleet of vans to select from.

Say Yes to Museum Hopping

Think of the best museums across the nation, and Chicago will not disappoint you. If you are setting out in the morning, add a few museums to your list. Your parents would love it as well because of its rich history and heritage. Starting the day with grand architecture and interesting finds in a museum is a good way to begin the trip.

A few museums to include are:

  • The American Writers Museum
  • The Museum of Science and Industry
  • The Field Museum of Natural History
  • The Art Institute of Chicago
  • Adler Planetarium
  • The Museum of Contemporary Art

Enjoy the Company of Animals

Are your parents animal lovers? If so, Chicago has two leading attractions for them to explore. The first is the Lincoln Park Zoo which is open all around the year and is free. Here, you can look at the big cats, monkeys, apes, rare reptiles, tiny insects, and a vast variety of birds. Once you are done exploring, you can also learn how to keep them safe in the wild.

The second one is the Shedd Aquarium, which features vast waterscapes comprising octopuses, marine mammals, vibrant-colored schooling fish, sharks, and much more. Older adults can pay $3 off the admission price.

Relax Outdoors

Once you have visited the museum and zoo, your parents might want to spend some time outdoors. It will help them relax a bit and reduce stress. It is also good for their overall health. If you are planning this day out during spring, head to the Chicago Botanic Gardens. 

Once you explore the garden, visit the gift shop at the site and take what you like for your home garden. You can also enjoy a 35-minute tram ride here, depending on the weather.

End Your Day With Shopping

As the day ends, you can take your parents shopping and buy them what they want. If your parents prefer upscale boutiques in the city, then Chicago’s Magnificent Mile is the best option. But if your parents want to go frugal and save money, the Chicago Premium Outlets will impress them with attractive options. For an indoor shopping experience, you can take your parents to Water Tower Place.

In conclusion, planning a day out in Chicago with your elderly parents is not difficult. There are plenty of places to explore, and you need to know what they prefer most. That aside, you need to plan and book a Sprinter rental so that they can travel with ease and not get tired. That way, your parents can enjoy the day out in a relaxed and comfortable way.

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