Turn Your Company Into A Brand: Tips for Establishing Social Media Presence

There are approximately 334 million companies all over the world. In a school so big, can one fish really stand out? It can.

Ever wondered how the big brands establish their presence so absolutely that almost every user of the Internet knows their name? Well, it is all just about building the right presence.

While starting off it might seem too daunting a task, but with the right focus, even your company can turn into a household name. Here are all the good tips to start off your journey from some company to a well-known brand.

Who are you?

As a company, you need to have a very clear idea as to who you are and what you stand for (vision and mission). All big companies have an ideological stand, and an active social media presence requires you to be involved in various trending topics and, sometimes, controversies.

Social media is monopolized by influencers and viral content creators. As much as social media is entertainment to the public, it is also a platform for voicing their opinions and disagreements. So, to give your company the breakthrough it needs, the biggest way is to be more active in the daily trends and discussions, leveraging strategies like mobile app influencer marketing. For this, you need to have a clear ideological standpoint with which you address each topic.

Many marketing strategies include manipulative techniques, such as staying in the ‘safe zone’ (supporting the ideology of the majority) or taking the opposite approach (going viral by posting controversial content that is most likely to open a new string of discussions and debates). However, the most authentic strategy is to be the face of what your company stands for rather than employing deliberate instigation techniques.

Insert Your Company into the System

Before you begin your company’s advent into the controversies, you first need to gather up at least an average following. This means focusing on creating engaging short-form content and hopping onto various trends.

A big mistake that companies make is trying to insert promotional content everywhere. It is important to understand that getting your company name visible in the realm of social media is the primary goal. That itself is promotion. Make the content you create revolve around your industry, but do not take it so far as to promote it openly on social media. That only tends to make viewers vary.

At this stage of your company’s journey, aim to solve questions like how to get more TikTok views, Instagram likes, and followers.

Platform wise approach

Each social media platform has a specific type of audience, and content needs to be crafted specifically for that audience.

A great deal of potential lies on Twitter. A wide variety of audiences exists there, and it requires special attention to decide which approach you want your company to take.

Buy instagram views caters mainly to the young, so the material posted there needs to be modified according to what they find interesting. Many approaches can be adopted, such as reels for entertaining content and posts for serious or informative content, vice versa, or some other approach entirely.

LinkedIn has a professional audience and the content there needs to be related to themes related to business, industries, corporate environments, entrepreneurship, etc.

All these considerations, however, must be made only after having decided upon a particular tone of the company.

Setting the Tone

Having a unique tone in all your content helps people look at your company as a specific entity and associate certain traits with it. It also becomes a consistent distinguishing factor in your content.

Tone can be the style of writing, certain flairs, or humanly unique elements. You could choose to keep different tones for different platforms or one tone across all platforms.

Tone can also be about the type of humor you go for, sarcastic, dark, jolly, etc.

Time for Bigger Marketing Strategies

Once your company has gathered enough followers, you can fully begin to target the aim of becoming a household presence.

This is the stage where you need a team of extremely creative individuals to come up with innovative ideas for incorporating your company into the various discussions and sensations that are ever-rampant on social media.

Zomato, Spotify, Uber, etc., are classic examples of exquisite marketing strategies. They are famous for humorously inserting themselves into every meme and trend.

Take the trending topics, contextualize them according to your industry and boom! You’re in the talks now.

Well, it can be challenging, of course. It takes patience, innovation and even luck to crack. But persevere, and you shall get there.

Connections and Collaborations

Another essential aspect is connection. Just as socialization is important for real-life growth, online connections and collaborations are necessary for the growth of your social media presence.

Connect with brands whose audience can be beneficial for your company and vice versa. Recognize opportunities and collaborate as and when appropriate. Conduct collaborative projects that prove beneficial for all parties.

Once you enter the playing field and establish a place, collaboration offers will come on their own. From there, it is just a matter of keeping the brand name going as strong as ever.

The saying, “Hard to acquire, harder to keep,” works well here as it is indeed not easy to achieve or keep.


Marketing is a skill acquired best through first-hand experience as an audience. Once you understand your target audience well, it is just about devising the best ideas and bringing them to fruition. The best way to understand the youth and create content that will engage them is to hire Gen Zs. They may seem like trouble (and they sure are), but they know social media best.

In this article, we took a deep dive into the murky waters of social media and tried to understand a few survival techniques. While this only includes some of what must be considered, it is a good guide to start with and keep in mind.

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