Understanding Birth Injuries: A Guide For Parents

As a baby is born, it is a happy moment, or we can say it is a festive moment. But the process of giving birth can sometimes meet with difficulties, for example, childbirth injuries. These are bodily harm that a baby may receive during the process of birth. It is essential to know what exactly birth injuries are, why they occur, and what can be done in regard to this problem.

Injuries that may occur at birth may take one of two extremes: the child may suffer from minor bruises which are easily treated and do not cause long-term complications or the child may suffer from complications that will require constant medical attention. For any parent out there, having basic knowledge of these injuries is helpful in the decisions you make concerning your child.

Birth injuries mean any form of injury which a baby endures before, during or after delivery. Such injuries arise as a result of physical force, pressure, or through the use of instruments such as forceps or a vacuum device.

Causes and Risk Factors of Birth Injuries

It is crucial to identify the potential risks and contributors to birth injuries to prevent negative outcomes. Some injuries are inevitable and are events like baby size or positioning during delivery. These are medical reasons that may necessitate acceleration of the delivery process, or the use of instruments in delivery.

While a birth injury lawyer can help you with classifying whether or not a birth injury might be unavoidable or is a result of an inadequate standard of care, below are some common cases where birth injuries are more likely to occur:

a. Premature Birth 

Premature babies, which are those born before 37 weeks, are easily injured because their bodies are less developed.

b. High Birth Weight 

Larger babies are more challenging to deliver, and this could result in complications and possible injuries.

c. Prolonged Labor 

Long labor can potentially harm the baby through stressing it and as such, increases the chances that the infant will be injured.

d. Use of Delivery Tools 

Forceps or a vacuum extractor may turn into an instrument of injury if proper precautions are not undertaken.

Legal Help for Birth Injuries

If your baby has suffered from a birth injury, it may be in your best interest to seek the opinion of a birth injury lawyer. The birth injury lawyer could assist you in understanding the actual situation, letting you know your options as it relates to receiving help for medical expenses and care of the child. Birth injury lawyers are able to help you build a strong case, explaining that the injury could have been avoided, assisting families in considering their plans.


It is devastating to be informed as a parent that your child has been a victim of birth injuries. However, having information on such injuries may help you seek the right course of treatment for your child. It is always recommended to seek legal and third-party medical persons to help you through the process, to ensure your child receives what they need. Don’t forget that you are not alone, and that it is always best to seek assistance.

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