How AI Website Builders are Becoming Popular Amongst Small Businesses

People these days bring up the topic of artificial intelligence (AI ) every now and then. “AI will do this”, “AI will do that”, and character ai alternative. Needless to say, the growing popularity of ChatGPT has done this to us. 

That being said, there’s every reason for us to get wowed by the way AI is taking over our lives. After all, even two or three years ago, people hadn’t realized just how impactful AI would become. AI, at the moment, is helping us do a lot of things, from crafting content to generating images. Another thing that AI seems to be very good at is building websites.

Yes, AI website builders or generators have become a thing right now. Compared to a traditional website builder, an AI website builder is far more powerful and most importantly, more intelligent. That being said, you can’t tell the difference between an AI-generated website from a human-built one. These AI website builders are becoming very popular amongst the masses, especially among small business owners. Here’s why. 


A major advantage of using an AI website builder for your small business is its user-friendliness. 

Traditional web development requires a substantial level of technical expertise. This includes having knowledge of coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. AI-driven website builders, however, simplify the web design and development process by using intuitive interfaces and guided steps. 

These AI website builders allow users to create a professional-looking website by merely answering a few questions about their business. The AI then takes over, designing the layout, selecting suitable themes, and even suggesting content. All the coding takes place behind the scenes handled by the AI. 

Cost Efficiency

Cost efficiency is another significant factor, and perhaps the most important one, driving the popularity of AI website builders among small businesses. 

Traditional website development can be expensive. You need to invest money in hiring professional web designers and developers, purchasing domain names, and ongoing maintenance fees. Just hiring a web developer alone will cost you around $23 to $50 an hour. 

AI website builders, on the other hand, offer affordable subscription plans that bundle these services into one package. According to Hocoos, you can expect to spend as low as $15 a month on AI-generated websites. You can also use these website generators for free, given that you let go of certain features from the generated sites.

Personalized User Experiences

The ability to provide personalized user experiences is a game-changer offered by AI website builders. AI website builders leverage data analytics to understand user behavior and preferences. They can dynamically adjust website content, suggest personalized products, and tailor marketing messages to individual visitors. 

Such a high level of personalization enhances the user experience and also increases the likelihood of customer retention and loyalty. 

Mobile Responsiveness

Another compelling reason for the growing popularity of AI website builders is their ability to offer mobile responsiveness. 

AI website builders automatically create websites that are optimized for mobile viewing, ensuring a seamless user experience across all devices. This automatic mobile optimization saves small business owners from the hassle of designing separate versions of their websites for different devices. 

Had such a feature not been available, they would have to handle the responsiveness part separately, most likely using a framework like Bootstrap. 

Speed and Efficiency

In case you already haven’t figured it out, AI website builders also provide a significant advantage in terms of speed and efficiency. A normal approach to website development can be a lengthy process, often taking weeks or even months from initial concept to final launch. 

AI website builders dramatically shorten this timeline, enabling small businesses to go live with their websites much faster. In fact, you can get from thinking about launching your website to actually launching it within a matter of minutes. Crazy, right?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is AI helpful in creating websites?

AI helps create websites by automating design, content generation, and optimization, making the process faster and more efficient. It also enhances user experience through personalized recommendations and responsive design features.

How can AI help web developers?

AI helps web developers by automating coding tasks, debugging, and providing intelligent code suggestions, enhancing productivity. Modern AI tools can even be used to design entire websites within minutes.

Can you replace human web developers with AI website builders?

Yes, AI website builders can replace human web developers, offering efficient, automated solutions for standard websites. They can streamline the process, making it easier for people to build websites without coding knowledge of any kind.

In conclusion, the rise of AI website builders marks a significant shift in how small businesses approach web development. As AI technology continues to evolve, it is likely that AI website builders will become even more integral to the success of small businesses. 

Will these AI tools make human web developers obsolete? Who knows. However, one thing is for certain – AI website builders have come as blessings for small businesses. 

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