Jared Goff’s Net Worth and Rollercoaster Ride to the Top

In just a few short years, Jared Goff has gone from being a castaway whom the Los Angeles Rams just wanted to get rid of to being the franchise quarterback of the Detroit Lions. In his third season in Detroit, Goff led the Lions to a 12-5 record and a trip to the NFC Championship Game. The team rewarded him with a contract extension worth $212 million over four years, including $170 million in guaranteed money. With that being the latest twist in Goff’s career, let’s take a look back at all of the highs and lows, as well as the money Goff has made along the way.

California Kid Moves to Motor City

The fact that Goff has found success in Detroit is quite surprising. He was born and bred in California and at one point looked destined to spend his entire career there. Goff stayed close to home to play college football, attending Cal-Berkley. After a productive college career, Goff was selected first overall by the Los Angeles Rams in the 2016 NFL Draft. If things had gone according to play, Goff could have spent his entire career in California. But that’s not how things played out.

The Rollercoaster Begins

Goff’s career has truly had as many twists and turns as a rollercoaster. It began with him going 0-7 as a starter during his rookie season. That cast some early doubt over Goff’s career. But things quickly turned around, as Goff led the Rams to 11 wins and a playoff spot during his first full season as a starter. That same year, Goff made the Pro Bowl for the first time, signaling a promising future for him in Los Angeles. 

The Promised Land

In 2018, Goff put together arguably his best season to date. He made the Pro Bowl for the second straight year and put himself in the MVP conversation while leading the Rams to a 13-3 record. At times, the Los Angeles offense looked unstoppable with Goff at the helm. After a pair of close playoff wins, Goff led the Rams to the Super Bowl, only for the offense to sputter in a 13-3 loss to the Patriots. Nevertheless, that season helped Goff to earn a four-year, $134 million extension.

Things Fall Apart

Following up his brilliant 2018 season turned out to be difficult for Goff. His performance was far more mediocre over the next two seasons, leading the Rams to part ways with him after the 2020 season, trading him to the Lions in order to acquire Matthew Stafford. The following year, Stafford led the Rams to a win in the Super Bowl while Goff went 3-10-1 as Detroit’s starter, leaving some to think his career as a starter in the NFL could be coming to an end.

Second Life

As it turns out, Goff only needed a little time to get settled in Detroit. During his second year with the Lions, he led the team to a 9-8 record, setting him up for a more promising future for the franchise. But even the most optimistic of fans couldn’t envision Goff leading the Lions to a 12-5 record in 2023. After a pair of playoff wins, including one against Stafford and the Rams, the Lions found themselves in the NFC Championship Game for the first time since 1991.

Despite a hard-luck loss to the 49ers in the NFC Championship Game, Goff has changed the entire trajectory of the franchise. There is now more optimism than ever among hometown fans using Michigan sportsbooks to bet on the Lions to succeed. Those sportsbooks offer great promos for bettors, especially new users.

Goff’s Growing Net Worth

As of 2024, Goff’s net worth is estimated at around $70 million. However, that number is bound to grow after the four-year, $212 million extension he received in May 2024. It’s the second different nine-figure contract that Goff has signed. It has helped to cement his standing as one of the highest-paid players in the NFL and secured his future in Detroit.

Giving Back

As a millionaire several times over, Goff has made an effort to give back to his community. He has partnered with charitable organizations in both Los Angeles and Detroit. During the pandemic in 2020, he donated $250,000 to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. Goff has also partnered with the Lineage Foundation for Good to donate meals to food-insecure people in the Detroit area. He also uses his JG16 brand to help fund college scholarships.


Amidst a career of ups and downs, Goff is a testament to what can be achieved with perseverance and second chances. Things haven’t always gone according to plan for him. There have been plenty of losses for Goff along the way. However, he kept playing and working hard, ultimately becoming one of the highest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL who still has a bright future with the resurgent Lions.

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