Understanding the Cost of BLS Certification Renewal


Being certified in Basic Life Support (BLS) skills is essential for those working in the healthcare industry. They include first responders, healthcare professionals, nurses, and those engaged in various capacities in the emergency unit. A valid BLS certification means you can provide medical care in life-threatening situations. However, this certification is valid for two years. You must renew it on time to remain eligible to provide basic life support skills. BLS certification renewal is associated with additional costs that depend on several factors.

This article helps you understand the cost of BLS certification renewal, the processes, and the considerations.

Understanding BLS certification renewal

Renewing your BLS certification on time is necessary, especially if you are engaged in the healthcare sector. A valid certificate is proof of your expertise in basic life-saving techniques. It also shows you are well-updated on all the current policies, guidelines, and protocols.

Several providers offer certification renewal courses, and they are widely recognized for offering top-quality training. After you re-enroll in the BLS course, you will gain further skills to respond to emergencies with confidence and effectiveness.

It is necessary to look into the cost of BLS certification renewal and what it involves. Some important things to be noted are:

  • Course fees: The cost of BLS certification renewal varies. It depends on the course provider, necessary materials, location, etc. The fee for renewal certification can range from USD 12 to USD 50. However, most training providers offer discounts, especially for members and organizations.

  • Study materials: Many course providers usually include the cost of study materials in the total fee. Study materials include online modules such as instructional videos, simulations, and quizzes, as well as textbooks and practice tests. They help you review essential concepts as you prepare for the renewal exam.

  • Examination fees: Generally, the examination fee is part of the overall course.

Factors influencing BLS recertification cost

Many factors can add to the overall cost of BLS certification renewal, the most important being the training provider. The value of a renewal certificate is determined by how well the training provider is recognized and accepted.

  • Training provider: Your renewal costs usually depend on your course provider. All of them ask for different levels of renewal fees. Choose the provider that best suits your requirements. 

  • Location: The geographical location also plays a significant role in determining the renewal course fees. As the cost of living is higher in urban areas, the course fees there may be more compared to rural areas.

  • Group rates: Group registrations usually attract hefty discounts, enabling companies and organizations to train their employees together. Per-head costs decrease significantly when training providers levy group rates over individual rates. Further, you can expect discounted rates if the group size is large.

  • Membership discounts: Members of healthcare institutions and first responder agencies usually enjoy benefits in terms of discounts and special privileges. These offers can include reduced course fees, special registration for training sessions, and eligibility to access exclusive resources.

  • Course format: BLS renewal course costs can also be affected by the format, which can be online or in-person. Online courses are popular for their convenience and flexibility and may charge nominal fees for accessing resource materials. In-person training provides hands-on training but usually involves higher upfront costs.

Navigating renewal costs wisely

Understanding the components and factors that influence BLS certification renewal costs is crucial. It is also essential to know how to manage them smartly for your benefit. You can explore the tips given below to help you out:

  • Planning: Plan well in advance to avoid last-minute rush. As you know, your BLS certification needs a renewal every two years; hence, plan it accordingly. Early scheduling of your renewal course may attract early registration discounts.

  • Research training providers: As several training providers are available, take your time to choose your best fit. Compare the course fees, offers, and instructor qualifications. You must choose a well-recognized training provider to give your BLS certification added weight.

  • Consider online training: The flexibility and convenience will allow you to complete the course at your preferred pace and location. All you need is an internet connection and a compatible device. Online training may be more cost-effective to you than attending in-person courses. Further, you can also pursue your work and other commitments without worrying about scheduling clashes.

  • Look for discounts: Training providers usually offer promotional discounts during special occasions. Take advantage of such offers to apply for your renewal certificate. If you belong to a professional organization or healthcare institution, remain vigilant for sponsorship announcements for BLS certification training.

  • Leverage resources: Use affordable or freely available training resources to prepare for BLS certification renewal. Course materials often include free study guides, instructional videos, and practice exams to reinforce learning.

  • Seek long-term training: Consider your renewal certificate a continual investment in professional development. Search for courses offering comprehensive training on basic life support skills, such as CPR, first aid, and AED usage.


All healthcare professionals must have a valid BLS certificate. Undergoing training and earning a certification proves they are efficient at responding to medical emergencies. Such training comes with certain costs. Knowing the cost of BLS certification renewal is essential for individual learners and organizations with budgetary constraints. Choose the provider offering better course fee options. Look for promotional discounts, but don’t compromise on the training quality.

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