Who needs IVF treatment?

Our priorities have changed with time, things which seemed impossible till yesterday, are today known as inventions. Treatment of infertility and childlessness is one of those inventions, IVF has proved its importance by providing child happiness to many disappointed couples. Everyone has heard the name of IVF but very few people know what exactly IVF is, how IVF treatment works and who needs IVF treatment. We will also get to know about the Best IVF center in Gurgaon.

What is IVF?

IVF means In Vitro Fertilization, people commonly called test tube baby. When a woman fails to conceive through the natural process, then IVF plays a vital role and by scientific process makes the woman pregnant. In easy words, IVF treatment helps a woman to get pregnant, so that she can have a child. During this treatment, embryos are prepared in the lab and then transferred into the woman’s uterus. 

How does IVF treatment work or what is the process?

If we try to understand IVF in other words, it is a kind of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). In this process, the woman’s egg and the man’s sperm are combined and fertilized in a lab outside the human body. Several days after fertilization, fertilized eggs (known as embryos) prepared in the lab are placed inside the woman’s uterus to conceive. A woman gets pregnant when the embryo implants itself in the wall of the uterus. This process is known as IVF treatment or Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).

Who needs IVF treatment? Know more about the IVF center in Gurgaon.

Everyone can use IVF treatment, but if we talk about special circumstances, this service is for those who are suffering from infertility, the health condition of the current partner is not good, there are repeated problems in conceiving or you are too old to become a mother. Apart from this, IVF has also proved to be a boon for LGBTQ+ couples, with the help of IVF these couples can also become parents and create their own families. If you are also thinking about IVF treatment, IVF Cost in Delhi / NCRwill be a reasonable amount.

When does IVF become an option for having a child, and also know about the Top IVF center in Gurgaon.

  1. Fallopian tube damage or blockage – If there is a problem in the fallopian tube, the eggs do not reach the ovary from the uterus, due to which it is difficult to conceive.
  2. Low sperm count or other sperm problems – Low sperm count increases the chance that your partner will be able to conceive because the sperm is unable to fertilize your partner’s egg.
  3. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or other ovarian conditions – PCOS causes persistent damage to your hormones, leading to problems like irregular periods, excessive hair growth, acne and infertility.
  4. Uterine fibroids – Uterine fibroids are non-cancerous tumours that can grow in and around your uterus and cause problems in the uterus. 
  5. Problems related to the uterus – Diseases occurring in the uterus also push you towards childlessness, such as – uterine cancer, pelvic inflammatory disease and endometriosis.
  6. Risk of spreading genetic diseases or disorders – Sometimes genetic diseases are also the reason of problems in conceiving, due to which you have to resort to IVF.
  7. Unexplained infertility – In this condition one does not get the happiness of having a child despite everything being normal.


IVF is one of those miracles of science that has bridged the gap between the impossible and the possible. Today everyone can start a family, even if they are LGBTQ+, IVF has opened doors for people that were only possible in dreams. But one thing we all need to know, IVF treatment is safe but not being able to conceive naturally can cause many problems. Because there is a big reason behind this not happening, however, despite this, IVF proves to be helpful for you.

Getting IVF treatment done on time is increases the chances of getting success. The problem of conceiving increases with increasing age. IVF treatment also comes with risks, such as complications such as twins, premature delivery and miscarriage. And if you are ready for IVF then the IVF center is ready to serve you. 

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